About Us

The Grace Galleries were born out of a lifelong love for travel, cultures and art, boasting over 250 international, one of a kind, original artworks in beautiful Laguna Beach.

From extremely oversized pieces from the Amazon rain forest to the rarest Aboriginal artworks from the sacred Uluru in the Australian outback, every purchase has supported native artist communities by taking an interest in their lives, their families, their history and their profession.

In May 2020, soon after one of the the worst economic and societal crashes in history took place, Amsterdam Art Collector Gracie Neidell decided to open the doors of her art gallery.

Her theory for opening rather than closing?

“This Collection needs to get the attention it deserves and everyone needs a chance to enjoy it and have a place to go:
A place where everyone is welcomed instead of judged, and can feel comfort and relief, with fresh ocean breezes and plenty of space to keep their social and artistic values intact.”

The Grace Galleries also continuously supported the local art scene and charities, quickly gaining an outstanding reputation of being the hottest, most vibrant gallery in Laguna Beach, by organizing monthly outdoor events with live music and plenty of celebration, giving local artists a platform for their exposure.

This pro-active presence, physically at the gallery and on social and other media, created a nationwide awareness for Laguna Beach and The Grace Galleries in particular: in August 2021 it all came together… ​

A significant USA collector purchased the entire international art collection from The Grace Galleries, to be featured in his museum, in the process of being built.

This epic sale is the ultimate recognition for Gracie Neidell’s artistic vision and international collection in America:
The story will happily be told to everyone who wonders about their dedication and calling, hopefully resulting in the ultimate stimulation to find the courage to surrender to the power of Art!

From this day on, The Grace Galleries will continue as a recognized platform for a select company of artists, who have a great understanding for Laguna Beach, the arts and one another. A new chapter opens – stay tuned!

Our Artists