Art Consultation

The owner of The Grace has a longstanding record of designing and furnishing small and large homes and offices.
Gracie Neidell works closely with her artists and clients and will pay you a personal visit to examine your space, discuss your desires, and achieve the vibe you’re after.
Her consultancy services are free of charge, however, her time is limited. Please contact us to schedule a time.

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Corporate Art Rental Program

A unique opportunity for a business to display seasonally changing artworks worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, at a fraction of the cost.

With a reasonable monthly rental fee, companies (or private homes) can select from hundreds of original paintings to display in-house. Generally, these works are traded out every 3 to 6 months for a fresh look.

All done at virtually no work for our clients. All you do is choose the paintings or style you want. We do the rest!

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Gift and Bridal Registry

What to give people who have everything their heart’s desire?

Gift them Magic!

The modern solution for any special occasion whether a romantic wedding, Wooden or Diamond Anniversary, or Corporate Cadeau, the thoughtful gift of art will always remind your loved ones of your excellent taste and generosity.

Through our gift registry, it’s easy for your guests to gift their desired funds directly to your Registry, and leave you a personalized message. At the end of the Registry, we collect all your well wishes and funds, ready for you to choose your artwork or put towards a piece you’ve already selected.


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Custom Orders

At The Grace Galleries the sky is the limit.

Just tell Gracie what your ideal, one of a kind, original painting would look like and she will make it happen.

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