The Business Model

"Become a First-Mover in the Art Industry"

Competition never existed in this Proven Concept: The Grace Galleries business model provides a clear Path to Profitability in the art industry. Created during the worldwide pandemic, and immediately profitable, this innovative, recession-proof business concept is highly structured in its approach while still enabling each franchisee to use their own creativity, flexibility, and freedom as part of their success.

Industry experts have labelled our concept as “the next chapter of the proven franchise real-estate business model”.

Think of The Grace Galleries like a salon studio or shared workspace model, and you are more-or-less on the right track - just with more creativity, a wonderful social circle, no employees, and a far lower initial cost of entry! The Grace Galleries is a unique, non-capital intensive business opportunity for anyone interested in a franchise business with a proven Operations Manual; the model bodes extremely well for multi-unit franchise operators. The Grace Galleries is poised and ready to grow with the personal ongoing support and passion of the original founders.